Guasha main benefits:

Removes toxins from the blood through the skin, cleans the blood reactivating the production of red blood cells, relieves backaches, neck, back, etc., improves blood circulation, helps relieve migraines and headaches, helps you breathe better, increases the efficiency of the immune system exfoliates the skin by keeping it clean and healthy (there is a variant of facial guasha), helps diagnose diseases.

What is Guasha therapy?

Guasha is a massage technique that began thousands of years in China and allowing "detoxify" remove debris that accumulate in our body.
In China and other countries aiáticos, this type of massage is well known and practiced even in hospitals.

The technique is simple, rubs ("gua" in Chinese) muscle with ceramic instrument, horn, jade and other materials, causing toxins to surface as a red spot, more or less dark depending on the volume of toxins eliminated. This dark spot is the "sha". Hence the name gua (rub) and Shah (diseased blood, bad).

GUASHA center:

Valladolid, España

Thai Guasha Valladolid